On March 18, the Florida A+M University (FAMU) School of Architecture (SOA) will host a Green Schools symposium.  The discussion will bring together school board members, teachers, architects, contractors, researchers, facility managers and students.  The event will provide a unique opportunity to address two essential questions regarding green schools; why + how.

The "why" discussions will focus on the relationship between green design and student health and academic performance in K-12 educational facilities. In addition, research will examine the short term and long term cost of being green.

The "how" discussions will focus on the work of award winning firms in the Southeast. During the lunch and learn, small firms will continue the discussion of cost.  In the afternoon session, large firms will use their recent projects to clarify political and administrative challenges.

The Green Schools symposium will close with a panel discussion that includes all of the invited guests.  The extended panel will provide an opportunity for designers to reflect on the research and for researchers to reflect the design work.