Some local schools going greener

At a new eco-friendly school in DeKalb County, recycle bins sprout along walkways like wild flowers, fuel efficient cars get premium parking and cameos by deer, birds and snakes are highly anticipated.

At a Gwinnett County private school, 2,700 tons of asphalt and concrete have been replaced by grass and trees. Now the squeals of students playing on swings can be heard in the afternoon instead of the sputter of cars waiting in the pick-up lane.

As thousands of metro Atlanta students returned to school Monday, some are now learning on “green” campuses.

Students at the new Arabia Mountain High School in Lithonia – one of the the state’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver-certified “green” high school, came prepared to talk about their summer outdoor adventures. On Tuesday, they must make class presentations about a visit to a state, local or national park.

“I went to places I’ve never been before,” said Michael Lee Jr., 15, of Stone Mountain, who is considering a career in environmental law. “It was actually pretty fun.”


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